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I have finished art school in Kiev and graduated the I. Fedorov Polygraphic Institute (book graphics department). I worked with publishing houses and magazines and always drew clothes, suits, fashion. I dressed all people (from my classmates to fairy tale heroes) in an unusual manner. I fell in love with all details, nuances, styles, epochs, moods, conditions, I raved of fashion, I searched for the possibility to encounter it. I ordered only fashion magazines to my acquainted persons. I 'ate' them with my eyes literally, remembered all: names, firms, brands, persons, styles. I wanted to become the clothes designer. And I have become the designer.

Displays, clips, exhibitions, trips, shootings, presentations, nominations, rewards, recognition, popularity - all this has become my life.

All my moods are also my creativity. My world, my vision - all these are my feelings: love, pain, pleasure, surprise, pride, provocation, shocking, zenith, flight. It is a beauty of my private world, reflection of my love to people, life, fortune, subtlety of perception, sex, the God, misunderstanding, fear and overcoming, individuality. I am all in it. I adore to bind traditions and ease of time, eternity of classics and doubt of the present. I like to remove the dust from an ancient mirror and connect it to the modern interior.

I feel the essence of the woman - I see her beauty, I know how to embody it in a fabric.

I am naked, I am barefaced, I am shouting, I am thin, I am cruel, I am abrupt, I am killed. I scared, may be it is bad, people will not like it, I have missed. Examination every time, and every time looks like the first one or the last one. Doubts. They eat my soul as worms, they do not allow me to live. I am afraid of them as soon as I think of my new collection, about my secret, about my personal. My colour is very personal, my styles are about it. About that very… I love me at these moments, I feel like a little bird. Everything is a keif for me, I do not care a bit. I create, I am connected, I make, I think, I find and I am glad, I look and am surprised. Transformation-feeling, colour, a fabric, a model and an image. I make images, I have a creative thinking, I think in another way, unusually and it makes me strange. And when it is strange, it is a little terrible. And I escape in a contrast, in falsity. I look as a venomous armillaria: a real mushroom, but with the poison. I even can poison, kill, punish, close myself. Not to permit myself, to interrupt flight, to interrupt zenith. It is sad, I am a judge and an executioner to myself. …
… I want to make the better, I want to make even better … Again I rise, again I go, again I decide to try and again this will not do, again poor, that is it is no good. Again in the corner. And they live, and they hang and put on their clothes for displays, and rush on the stage, star in films, can be seen on someone's weddings and actions. They are my emotions. I am my collections.